Retractable Roof


Seeing the Stars and Night

The retractable roof over BC Place is truly a technological marvel, and has essentially transformed British Columbia’s largest and most versatile venue into a busier, and more exciting place to host world class events.

The new cable-supported fabric roof is the largest of its kind in the world - designed and engineered specifically for Vancouver’s climate, following rigorous engineering and architectural studies.

Engineered to handle even a “one-in-one hundred-year” snowstorm, it will be able to support up to seven million kilograms (7,000 tonnes) of snow.

But most importantly, BC Place is now able to hold events in comfort with a year-round events schedule for the first time ever. And that allows BC Place to contribute even more to British Columbia’s economy – by boosting economic activity from approximately $58million per year in the past, to more than $100million today and into the future.

When do we open the Roof?

The retractable centre portion of the roof measures approximately 100m x 85m – effectively covering the area of the entire playing surface. Seated guests remain covered - rain or shine.

The position of the retractable roof – either “open” or “closed” - for the duration of any given event will be determined in advance, in consultation with the event producers and/or the home teams. BC Place Operations Staff will determine the most appropriate time to open the roof, based on current weather conditions and detailed weather forecast information.

The roof takes approximately 20 minutes to open or close.

BC Place should be considered an ‘open-air’ stadium whether the roof is open or closed, and guests are encouraged to dress accordingly, based on the temperature outdoors.

Information about the configuration of the retractable roof during events can be found on the BC Place website homepage at, or follow us on Twitter to receive up to the minute event information from inside the stadium!